I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for several years. I have had X-rays and have been prescribed pain medicine, muscle relaxers, bed rest, etc. Three months ago I was referred to an Orthopedic surgeon in Greensboro. He recommended that I have a MRI on my lower back. It was discovered that I had four bulging discs and one herniated disc. The Orthopedic surgeon suggested that I visit a chiropractor first. If that didn’t work, he would do a epidural followed by surgery if necessary. He then contacted Dr. Lisa Salyer of Salyer Chiropractic Clinic in Asheboro. He faxed her a copy of my MRI and suggested using the decompression table. After three visits I could tell a big difference, and after five visits I am now pain free for the first time in several years. 

I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone with lower back problems.

Charles B. ~ Asheboro, NC


I suffered with very bad tinnitus (ringing in the ears) six years ago. Thanks to Drs. Ryan and Lisa Salyer and their treatment my tinnitus is so low that I can hardly heart it. One day while sitting in my living room a loud ringing started in my ears. It came out of nowhere and became unbearable. I went to my conventional doctor and was told it was tinnitus and that there was nothing he could do. “I would have to cope with it!” not even loud music would drown it out. My sister suggested I try a chiropractic to see if they could help. The Salyers had newly opened their practice in Asheboro, my wife called, DR. Ryan who said he was familiar with tinnitus and could help. I was instructed to come in and after a consultation I was given an adjustment. What a relief! After several more adjustments the ringing is now hardly audible. I have adjustments every once in while when the ringing gets a little louder again. This was my first experience with chiropractors but the Salyers have helped me with other ailments, i.e. plantar facitis, sciatic nerve, lower back problems, all with success and no drugs or side effects. My wife also became a patient and has been relieved of many aches and pains including sciatic nerve adjustments and wrist pains without the need for drugs. Drs.Ryan and Lisa Salyer gave me my life back. I will always be indebted to both of them.

John G. ~ Asheboro, NC


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