Salyer Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Whether your injury is new or has become chronic, through our rehabilitation program we hope to be able to assist you on your road to recovery.


Our office offers Star Trac fitness/rehab. equipment, which in conjunction with regular chiropractic care can greatly reduce recovery time and improve performance. Star Trac is a series of strengthening and cardio equipment using variable resistance and works synergistically with True Stretch, stretching machines to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Click the images below to view some of the Star Trac fitness/rehab equipment we make available in our clinic:

Stationary Cycler

The Star Trac Stationary Cycle with digital display

Star Trac

Various Star Trac fitness/rehab equipment

Digital Display

Digital display for the Star Trac Tread Mill

Weight Station

Star Trac Weight Station for resistance training

True Stretch

True Stretch, achieving the best outcomes possible